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Learning crisis: France struggles to improve English language teaching

Écrit par Charly Barbeau

The French are notorious for their low level in English and their legendary “French accent”. The French Ministry of Education has been trying to make efforts to improve English language teaching in France. Why can’t we make significant progress in the language of Shakespeare?

Every year, the international education institute specialised in language study, Education First, publishes its English Proficiency Index ranking, which ranks countries according to their skills in the English language. In 2021, on the European scale, France was ranked 26th out of 29 European countries. The study shows that France is one of the European countries where the English language and syntax are poorly mastered. At a time when the Nordic countries and those of Eastern Europe are fighting out the top spots, France is struggling to climb to the top of the ladder and get back on track. Of course, the French faculty is trying to find solutions to fill the gaps which have been accumulating for some years now.

To explain these gaps, we could first

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