El aborto: una crisis del cuerpo

«Ninguna mujer tiene una disposición alegre al aborto. Hay que escuchar a las mujeres.» – Simone Veil, extracto del discurso de presentación del proyecto de ley relativo a la interrupción voluntaria del embarazo, ante la Asamblea Nacional, pronunciado el 26 de noviembre de 1974. El 17 de enero de 1975, Simone Veil, Ministra de Salud, […]

Learning crisis: France struggles to improve English language teaching

The French are notorious for their low level in English and their legendary “French accent”. The French Ministry of Education has been trying to make efforts to improve English language teaching in France. Why can’t we make significant progress in the language of Shakespeare? Every year, the international education institute specialised in language study, Education […]

Kalifat Review

Trigger warning: this series contains scenes of physical and sexual violence. It begins with three women. The first, Pervin: a Swedish woman living in Syria. Clad in a burqa and carrying her baby, she steps out into the streets of Raqqa before being quickly herded into the town square to witness the public mutilation of […]